Aryn Harb's

Vacation in Charleston

Aryn Harb's

Vacation in Charleston

Aryn and her husband sitting for a photo op.

Reason for Travel:

Getaway trip with my husband

Date of Travel:

September 2021

Total Number in Party:


Where Did You Stay?

The Ryder Hotel

About the Trip

Tell Us Some of Your Favorite Activities and Experiences.

Shopping downtown, and we also loved the haunted ghost tour we went on.

What Were Some of Your Favorite Bars/Restaurants That You Visited?

More About the Trip

Are There Any Businesses You Would Like to Highlight? Someone that Really Made Your Vacation Truly Outstanding?

If You Were to Return to Charleston, Is There Somewhere You Might Like to Visit That You Didn't Get a Chance to During This Trip?

We would like to visit Peninsula Grill and Sugar Bakeshop. We would also love to do a private walking tour.