Claire Marosok's

Vacation in Charleston

Claire Marosok's

Vacation in Charleston

Me and my friends partying in Charleston, SC.

Reason for Travel:

My 21st birthday!

Date of Travel:

June 2021

Total Number in Party:


Where Did You Stay?


About the Trip

Tell Us Some of Your Favorite Activities and Experiences.

The VIP club night at TRIO was a night I will never forget! The service was wonderful and The Charleston Vacationer really helped us get an amazing deal. My friends and I stayed until they closed and danced the night away.

What Were Some of Your Favorite Bars/Restaurants That You Visited?

Firefly Distillery was amazing as well as club TRIO for VIP service. We also went to Republic, Ink, and Dudley’s which were also great bars.

Photos From the Trip

More About the Trip

Are There Any Businesses You Would Like to Highlight? Someone that Really Made Your Vacation Truly Outstanding?

TRIO gave us an amazing deal that I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else if it wasn’t for Betsey from The Charleston Vacationer and Eric from TRIO Nightclub.

If You Were to Return to Charleston, Is There Somewhere You Might Like to Visit That You Didn't Get a Chance to During This Trip?

I would like to try the boat tours one day, they seem great!