Dasha Pruglo's

Vacation in Charleston

Dasha Pruglo's

Vacation in Charleston

Dasha dining out in Charleston, SC.

Reason for Travel:

Blogging and creating content and checking out the beauty of Charleston to share about it with my following.

Date of Travel:

June 2021

Total Number in Party:


Where Did You Stay?

Hotel Bennett

About the Trip

Tell Us Some of Your Favorite Activities and Experiences.

We did a whole day of excursions including a carriage ride through the city, took the Schooner Pride sail during the afternoon, and went and enjoyed the gardens at Magnolia Plantation.

A truly incredible city with so much life and beauty!

What Were Some of Your Favorite Bars/Restaurants That You Visited?

We visited all the food places in Hotel Bennett (https://www.hotelbennett.com) of course, Fiat Lux (https://www.hotelbennett.com/dine/fiat-lux) being one of my favorites. We also visited:

…and I really enjoyed them a lot.

Photos From the Trip

More About the Trip

Are There Any Businesses You Would Like to Highlight? Someone that Really Made Your Vacation Truly Outstanding?

The biggest highlight was Hotel Bennett. From the pink room to the pool bar to everything in between, we enjoyed it so much and I’d love to highlight all the things they offer.

If You Were to Return to Charleston, Is There Somewhere You Might Like to Visit That You Didn't Get a Chance to During This Trip?

Yes. I’d love to explore more of the pier and the other few plantations. Also, I’d love to do a walking tour and just enjoy more of the town.

Any Additional Details That We Should Know?

Everything about this trip was amazing just too short. I cannot wait to be back exploring and enjoying our time there!