Sarah Palik's

Vacation in Charleston

Sarah Palik's

Vacation in Charleston

Sarah Palik's bachelorette trip to Charleston, SC.

Reason for Travel:

My bridesmaids and I scheduled a trip to Charleston to celebrate my bachelorette party together!

Date of Travel:

May 2021

Total Number in Party:


Where Did You Stay?

First couple of nights (before everyone got to Charleston) – The Mills House

With the entire group – The Inns 154 Spring Street

About the Trip

Tell Us Some of Your Favorite Activities and Experiences.

O my gosh! What didn’t we love about Charleston! Charleston may be the one place I have traveled to (out of many) in the states that I would readily pack up and move to like…tomorrow!

We loved our time in town and had no bad experiences. We loved the proximity of the Mills House to King Street.

Honestly just exploring the city allows for so much to do. We loved dining at 5-Church, lounging at the beach, and shopping on King.

What Were Some of Your Favorite Bars/Restaurants That You Visited?

We loved each place we ventured into, both recommended and otherwise.
Our favorites were:

More About the Trip

Are There Any Businesses You Would Like to Highlight? Someone that Really Made Your Vacation Truly Outstanding?

We LOVED staying at both The Mills House and The Inns. Both were amazing for different reasons.

Tempest was a great dining experience, we loved hearing the history and the after dining cognac and roses we were offered (such a cute touch).

If You Were to Return to Charleston, Is There Somewhere You Might Like to Visit That You Didn't Get a Chance to During This Trip?

I would love to go to Citrus Club rooftop bar at The Dewberry and Camellias at Hotel Bennett!v