Emily Surpin's

Vacation in Charleston

Emily Surpin's

Vacation in Charleston

Emily Surpin's Bachelorette trip to Charleston SC

Reason for Travel:

Bachelorette Weekend

Date of Travel:

February 2020

Total Number in Party:


Where Did You Stay?

Coastal Cottage in Old Village

About the Trip

Tell Us Some of Your Favorite Activities and Experiences.

We loved having our rental decorated and stocked with food and beverages—not having to shop and decorate ourselves saved us time and hassle. We explored downtown on our own which was a great way to spend an afternoon. We had a great time on the Sippin’ Tour with Crafted Travel Tours. The winery was pretty and the breweries were fun, especially the rooftop at Revelry. Our drive for the day was awesome, he kept us on track and made sure we had fun. The VIP table at Republic was so fun—the place was packed so it was nice to have our own space to dance and have a blast!

What Were Some of Your Favorite Bars/Restaurants That You Visited?

We loved everything about 167 Raw; Hall’s was great—they took excellent care of us, the service was incredible; Nico on Shem Creek was awesome and so close to our rental, great service, too; everyone at Republic was incredibly hospitable and really made us feel like VIPs!

Photos From the Trip

More About the Trip

Are There Any Businesses You Would Like to Highlight? Someone that Really Made Your Vacation Truly Outstanding?

Our trip was so memorable and I think that’s because of everyone that we encountered along the way—we still talk about all the great places we went and how friendly and accommodating everyone was. Our driver for the Sippin’ Tour was awesome—he let us blare our music in the van, rounded us up when it was time to move on to the next spot, and made sure we had a drink wherever we went. I really believe that nothing would have gone as smoothly as it did if it weren’t for Betsey and her team!

Any Additional Details That We Should Know?

Can’t say enough positive about our trip and everything we did during our stay—can’t wait to come back!