Astrology Package

Astrology Package

Astrology party in Charleston SC on vacation

Connect with your friends and enjoy this unique experience that will leave your group with plenty of cosmic insights that you will be talking about for the rest of your trip!

Each Astrology party will begin with a fun, 20-minute activity that breaks down the basics of your natal chart. Next, everyone will individually receive their printed birth chart along with a mini-reading from your astrologist.  While each guest has their chart readings done, the rest of the group can relax and take in the cosmic magic (…the perfect time for a Mimosa party!)

The event may be held in your vacation rental, hotel, or wherever you might prefer. Each participant will need to provide their birth chart information two weeks prior to the event – this includes birth date, time, and location for each person in the group. Interested in bringing even more cosmic vibes to your party? Ask our favorite astrologers about adding in tarot card readings and more!

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$35 per person

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