Derek Kustanbauter

with Farina

Derek Kustanbauter

with Farina

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Derek Kustanbauter

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Downtown Charleston – willing to travel within a 25 mile range of downtown

What Services Does Your Business Offer?

We aim to bring our passion for Italian cuisine to you in your home, or vacation home. We offer a range of personal chef packages, from private dinners, to full vacation catering and even pasta parties! With a particular focus on seasonal, local ingredients, every dish we make has a story to tell from its Italian origin to our Charleston twist.

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A Deeper Dive

Why Did You Choose to Open in Charleston?

We fell in love with Charleston as soon as we set foot in the city. The amazing food scene and deliciously fresh ingredients found locally made it the perfect place to start our personal chef venture.

Who is Your Typical Client?

Mainly vacationers, but also locals looking for something a bit different. We are super flexible and love cooking for anyone from families with kids to bachelorette parties!

Does Your Business Offer Services in Other Locations Besides Charleston?

Not currently

Tell Us Anything Else About Your Business That Our Visitors Might Like to Know.

We are husband and wife team, and both trained at culinary school in southern Italy which is actually where we met! We have such a passion for the Italian cuisine that we want to share with each and every client.

Just for Fun!

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing(s) to Do in Charleston.

We both love cycling, so in our down time you’ll find us cycling to the beach and picking up some fresh seafood on the way back to cook up for dinner.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Eat/Drink in Charleston?

We’ve got a lot of favorite restaurants including FIG, Darling Oyster Bar, Obstinate Daughter and Millers All Day for their pimento cheese biscuits. You’ll often find us in the Griffon slugging back the beers after a hard day of cooking and eating!

What’s the Craziest Experience You’ve Had with a Client?

Nothing too crazy yet (although we do have a booking tonight with a woman celebrating her divorce… I’ll keep you posted on the crazy!)

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Travel Outside of Charleston?

Molly is from the UK, so it’s probably back there, sitting in the local pub surrounded by friends and family nursing a proper beer (unless it’s a warm & flat English ale, it isn’t proper!).

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