Megan Deschaine

with Megan Makes Drinks

Megan Deschaine

with Megan Makes Drinks


Business Owner:

Megan Deschaine

Business Name:

Megan Makes Drinks


Charleston SC

What Services Does Your Business Offer?

Private bar services including but not limited to: mixology classes, happy hours, paired cocktail dinners, and house parties.

In Business Since:


A Deeper Dive

Why Did You Choose to Open in Charleston?

This is my home town! I had the good sense to move away from South Carolina at the tender age of 19, and from then planned to never live here again… But as we know, life finds a way. That said, I am so grateful to be brought back to my hometown to make drinks and make friends.

Who is Your Typical Client?

I admit I have hosted many, many bachelorette groups. That said, my ideal client is one who enjoys a good drink, a good laugh, and a good time.

Does Your Business Offer Services in Other Locations Besides Charleston?

With the travel fee, I am willing to extend the radius 100 miles from Charleston center.

Tell Us Anything Else About Your Business That Our Visitors Might Like to Know.

I do not sell alcohol, I sell the experience of crafty alcohol service. I come fully equipped with barware, cups, ice, syrups, modifying spirits, bitters, etc.

Just for Fun!

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing(s) to Do in Charleston.

Eat! But also, One of my most favorite touristy things to do is ghost tours… My favorite being the old city jail.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Eat/Drink in Charleston?

Who could have just one favorite? I have a very long list of places I love to frequent, that I’m happy to share with anyone who asks.

What’s the Craziest Experience You’ve Had with a Client?

16 tequila-infused bachelorettes that shred wearing booty shorts + Twerking upside down. Top that.

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Travel Outside of Charleston?

I cannot wait to get back to Montreal.

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