Kenny Haisfield

with Kenny Flowers

Kenny Haisfield

with Kenny Flowers

Business Owner:

Kenny Haisfield

Business Name:

Kenny Flowers


Mount Pleasant, SC.

What Services Does Your Business Offer?

Luxury Vacation Wear

In Business Since:

A Deeper Dive

Why Did You Choose to Open in Charleston?

Our team works all over the US, but we moved to the area in November because we love the beaches and charm of Charleston.

Who is Your Typical Client?

Couples or groups looking for matching vacation wear.

Does Your Business Offer Services in Other Locations Besides Charleston?

We are an online retail business that delivers all over the US.

Tell Us Anything Else About Your Business That Our Visitors Might Like to Know.

Jimmy Buffett wears our brand often.

Just for Fun!

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing(s) to Do in Charleston.

Spending time at the beach.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Eat/Drink in Charleston?

What’s the Craziest Experience You’ve Had with a Client?

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Travel Outside of Charleston?

Mexico or Europe

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