Tom Crowley

with Holy City Straw Company

Tom Crowley

with Holy City Straw Company

Business Owner:

Tom Crowley

Business Name:

Holy City Straw Company


Charleston SC

What Services Does Your Business Offer?

100% organic Gluten-Free, wheat-drinking straws, and custom-branded reed straws. The most eco-friendly straw on the market!

In Business Since:


A Deeper Dive

Why Did You Choose to Open in Charleston?

To help keep Charleston beautiful and plastic-free.

Who is Your Typical Client?

Event planners, restaurants, bars, mobile bars, smoothie bars, hotels, and Bartender bloggers—everyone!

Does Your Business Offer Services in Other Locations Besides Charleston?

Our products are available to ship Nationwide.

Tell Us Anything Else About Your Business That Our Visitors Might Like to Know.

For all info please visit:

Just for Fun!

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing(s) to Do in Charleston.

Hit the beach followed by happy hour with friends 🙂

Where is Your Favorite Place to Eat/Drink in Charleston?

Anywhere on Folly Beach or Sullivan’s Island.

What’s the Craziest Experience You’ve Had with a Client?

Nothing too crazy here just fun clients ordering a new eco product.

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Travel Outside of Charleston?

New York City

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